Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a mobile app?
You need a mobile app, if you are:

* Businesses interested in engaging customers to promote business, improving mobile marketing, m-Commerce
* Media and Advertising Agencies interested in keeping customers updated using advertising, social networking, real time analytics, and promotions.
* Publishers needed digital channels to publish their magazines, newspapers and get customer interaction.


Mobile app development is expensive – very expensive. Aipple Media is affordable and reliable.
* Real-Time Update. You can easily make changes and improvements to your app in real-time with customization.

* Marketing. Promote your event, videos, tweets, news, photos, music, your company services.

* Fun. Launching your mobile app is fun.
How long does it take to set up and launch?
The length of the set-up process depends on what content needs to be developed. It can be fairly simple or more complex – but we promise to make it painless. Once you’re satisfied with your app you can submit it to the Apple store for approval or we can do that for you. This process can take about 3-6 weeks (that part is up to Apple:). Once Apple approves your app, we’ll let you know and you can release your app whenever you're ready.
Can I make money using my mobile app?
There are quite a few ways you can make money by creating an app: sell your app on iTunes store, connecting to your e-Commerce store or in-app advertisement.

iAd and AdMob are the best ways to generate revenue from your native iPhone and Android apps. Hundreds of iOS developers are already making more than $50,000 per quarter serving iAd rich media ads.

iAd rich media ads combine the emotion of television with the interactivity of the web to deliver a unique, compelling experience like no other on a mobile device. Users can dive into immersive ads without ever leaving your app. When they tap the ad, your app pauses and with a single tap they close the ad and resume exactly where they left off in your app.